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Annual Report of the Acquisitions Unit, University Libraries, University of Rhode Island for FY15. Covers personnel, work flow, special projects, and serial, monograph, and e-resource acquisitions. Supplemental files include data on library materials expenditures by a number of variables as well as important working documents from the year.

Acquisitions Unit Annual Report 2014-2015 statistical supplement for UPLOAD.xlsx (1783 kB)
Acquisitions Annual Report 2014-2015 statistical supplement Excel spreadsheet

2015-05-20 Acquisitions Budget Report FISCAL CLOSE.pdf (222 kB)
FY15 fiscal close report from Sierra library system

2014-2015 HELIN Member Databases FINAL COPY FOR INVOICING 2014-07-25.xlsx (590 kB)
HELIN FY15 database spreadsheet final for billing

2015 EBSCO renewal and sub changes.xlsx (43 kB)
EBSCO renewal and other subscription changes 2015

Reference Unit FY2015 new database pricing requests from database trials.xlsx (8 kB)
FY15 Reference Database requests

HELIN Insitutions' Collection Statistics FY14 to FY 15-MRS.pdf (402 kB)
FY14 HELIN Consortium comparative collection statistics, gathered by Martha Rice Sanders

FY2015 Fund Allocations.xlsx (55 kB)
FY15 Fund Code allocations final

Materials Budget Request FY15.docx (123 kB)
Library Materials Budget — FY2015 Budget Request for Dean/Provost

FY15 monograph money provided in FY14.pdf (278 kB)
Email re: FY15 monograph money provided early in FY14