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Social media networks allow for the interaction of individuals from across the globe based on mutual social connections or shared interests. These networks are of particular benefit to the propagation of fandoms. The unique search capacity of Tumblr enables the identification of fellow fans, a forum in which to engage easily in shared fandom creation, commodity consumption, and activities such as cos-play and role-play. Fandom consumption can manifest in both material and aesthetic, or cultural, forms. This paper presents the fandom of the BBC's series Sherlock as a case study of the connections between social media, fandom, and consumption. The series ran as two, three-episode seasons and is currently in the midst of a two year hiatus. Though content and commodity consumption existed from the inception of the series, the current production break has expanded the desire of fandom members to create their own series-inspired original content as well as material commodities, many of which come in the form of apparel, jewelry, or other wearable goods. Tumblr has provided the forum by which this fandom can fill the void created by said break and perpetuate its very existence. For the purpose of this paper, the investigator will first identify the question(s) to be asked, then discuss methodology, provide a theoretical and practical justification for further investigation, before discussing findings and conclusions.