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Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design


Newport, Rhode Island is internationally recognized for both its prime location on Narragansett Bay and its storied history. Nicknamed the ‘City by the Sea,’ it is famous for its world-class sailing, colonial New England architecture, Gilded Age mansions, trendy restaurants and bars, and nearby beaches. Cultural tourism is a multi-million dollar business for Rhode Island, especially for Newport, where shopping is fourth on the list of revenue generators. The relationship of an American resort city’s geographical setting, built environment, and cultural heritage to its fashion retail sector has not been explored. Acknowledging that fashion contributes to a city’s image, the authors review Newport’s history, provide a profile of Newport today, map Newport’s nine shopping districts, and analyze Newport’s fashion retail sector on the various streets, squares, wharves, and piers. Such an analysis may prove useful to retailers in other resort cities—both small independent boutique owners and national chain stores—as well as city planners and tourism boards.

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