Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



First Advisor

Frank M. Pelton


In the past few years it has become the responsibility of most public school teachers in Rhode Island to find ways of accumulating six credit points in order to satisfy a state certification renewal requirement. A number of teachers participate in appropriate work conferences, serve on committees for their school department, assume leadership in professional organizations, or are active in community affairs. Although these activities may enhance their professional prestige, they carry little or no certification credit value.

An attempt has been made to ascertain the percentage of teachers who are taking courses solely to satisfy certification requirements. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that a local community has certain responsibilities to provide an etfective program of in-service education whereby the teachers can earn credit points and more readily solve their own specific problems.

To arrive at conclusions, questionnaires were sent to a number of school superintendents throughout the United States. A report has been made of some of the practices in in-service training that these educators have used successfully in their school systems.

The teachers of Providence were asked to eYaluate the program available to them. This was done by means of questionnaires and personal interviews. The results of these have been tabulated and recommendations made for improving the in-service training ot teachers of Providence, Rhode Island.



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