Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmacology



First Advisor

John J. DeFeo


Cyclohexanol and its derivatives 2-o-tolyl, 2-m-tolyl, 2-p-tolyl, 2-o-chlerophenyl, 2-m-chlorophenyl abd 2-p-chloryophenyl were tested for cardioplegic effects on insect anesthetized rats, loolated guinea pig hearts, isolated rabbit atria and on dogs undergoing cardio-pulmonary bypass. Most of the compounds produced inhibitory effects varying from a slight depression to complete arrest. Evaluation of potency was based on the ability to produce arrest and the duration of arrest. In both series of substitutions it appears that the trma-2-o-derivatives are most potent with the eis-2-o-derivatives least potent.

The 2-m and 2-p-chlorophenyl compounds appear to be toxic to the myocarium as the hearts do not return to their normal level of activity.

Mechanism studies indicate an antagonistic effect between these compounds and calcium.

The compound produced produced cardiac arrest in the dog, however, there appeared to be no direct dose relationship.