Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering


Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Valerie Maier-Speredelozzi


Challenges like scarce resources and the threat of climate change will make it harder to satisfy the global demand for industrial goods in the future. The urgency of shifting from the classic way of industrial production to a more sustainable one drives companies to consider remanufacturing activities as a raw material source and business opportunity.

This study was conducted to investigate the profitability of remanufacturing processes in small and medium sized companies, since large corporations are leaping ahead in this field. This problem is approached with a literature review, in order to give the reader insight into life cycle thinking and remanufacturing processes. Then, a case study is conducted in the warranty returns department of a medium sized company.

Different scenarios were calculated to show the benefits and difficulties of conducting remanufacturing operations.

Through this example, this study shows that repairing used products can also be beneficial and profitable for smaller companies. It saves costs for raw material and is more environmentally friendly.



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