Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Pathology


Fisheries, Aquaculture and Pathology

First Advisor

Saul B. Saila


The catch rate and species composition of a multispecies reef fishery around Santiago Island, Cape Bolinao, Philippines, was studied from June to December 1986. Three fisheries were monitored, hook-and-line, spear and trap fishing. A total of 144 species were caught in the gears. One hundred twenty-seven species were represented in the catches of the trap fishery. One hundred one were present inside the reef lagoon. The family Sigandae contributed 42.2% of the total catch outside the lagoon. The hook-and-line fishing was dominated by lethrinids (69.8%), specifically Lethrinus rodopterus. Spear fishing was dominated by Siganus canaliculatus, contributing 83.7% of the total catch.

The catch rates for the trap fishery were 0.129 kg/haul, 0.131 kg/haul inside and 0.127 kg/haul outside the reef lagoon. The catch rate for the hook-and-line and speat were 0.589 kg/line hr. and 1.33 kg/man hr. respectively. The size composition and length-weight relationships for the most abundant species of the three fisheries are discussed.

The fish yield of a reef area of 9.06 sq. km to the 15-m isobath was 2.46 mt/sq km during the rainy season. The annual fish yield was estimated to be around 4.17 mt/sq km yr.



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