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Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning and Area Development


Things are changing in Dubuque, Iowa. Dubuque, a typical midwestern town, and its surrounding communities have just completed plans for providing services to their mentally retarded citizens. The success of this effort can only be measured in terms of its effect on the mentally retarded person. For example, rather than travel hundreds of miles to state diagnostic facilities--a venture that is costly both in terms of the money and the time involved—a mentally retarded person will soon receive a diagnosis and evaluation in his or her own community. Instead of just being told what type of treatment and services are needed, parents will actually be included on a team of local professionals who will assess their child's needs. At the same time, a case manager will be appointed who is responsible for seeing that the services provided are appropriate to the person's ever-changing needs and that the person is regularly re-evaluated to maintain the relevancy of the received services to these needs. Case management or the coordination of services will also prevent the usual "falling through the cracks," or lack of continuity of care which typically occurs when a person moves among the myriad of services available. Also, all the services received will be provided in the community and will meet recognized quality standards.



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