Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning and Area Development

First Advisor

Marcia Marker Feld


How social indicator analysis can help planners address the impact of change on a community is the model that this thesis will test. The impact of four United States Navy Frigates on the Aquidneck Island housing market will be addressed through the social indicator model. This thesis will attempt to determine if social indicator analysis is an appropriate technique to formulate policy and evaluate previous decisions and data.

Social indicator analysis has been used as a planning method to evaluate data and form the basis of policy decisions. The various model components, which will be of various economic, physical, political and demographic natures, will be viewed independently and interdependently as they react to and effect each other. This model is one of the few that attempts to measure social change over time using quantifiable data.

The study quest ion to be addressed was initiated as a direct result of bargaining between the State of Rhode Island and the United States Navy. The announcement that the Naval Training and Education Center facility (NETC), would host between four and seven active frigates by 1990 was a satisfying political gesture that was awarded to Rhode Island after the State lost its bid for a battleship group 'to Staten Island, New York. At present because the class of frigates has not been announced, the exact number of crewmembers and families to be relocated to Newport has not been determined. It appears that between 360 and 550 crewmembers will be relocated if two frigates are assigned and up to 1260 to 1750 crewmembers if seven frigates are reassigned to NETC facility. It does seem apparent that the influx of this population will put increased pressure on the Aquidneck Island housing market, and particularly on the Island rental market. The Aquidneck Island rental housing market will be the housing market area this study examines through use of the model.



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