Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning and Area Development

First Advisor

Dennis Muniak


The purpose of this report is to provide the Town of North Kingstown with an analysis of the impacts of Quonset-Davisville redevelopment. The target for this analysis is the area directly adjacent to the site, which comprises Census Tract 501.01 to the north and Census Tract 501.02 to the south. In particular, this study will concentrate on the employment-related aspects of the redevelopment proposals. Hence, the financial and capital investment projections of the various development scenarios will only be briefly touched upon.

This report includes the following: Introduction contains a summarized historical description of the major turning points for Quonset-Davisville and the Town of North Kingstown. This section also discusses the significant changes that have occurred in the target area adjacent to the site (Census Tract 501.01 and Census Tract 501.02).

Chapter I/Quonset-Davisville: A Potential Industrial Complex lists and maps the four major land owners at the site. Also included is an overview of the three Quonset-Davisville Scenarios designed by the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation. An inventory of the site facilities and cost estimates for site improvements are also discussed. In addition, a detailed analysis of the projected employment is examined.

Chapter II/Profile and Analysis of the Target Area includes an outline for population growth, public facilities, and current land uses for Census Tract 501.01 and Census Tract 501.02. The second part of this chapter analyses the future land development pressure due to the employment projections of Quonset-Davisville. The land in each Census Tract is examined for its development potential.

Chapter III/Impacts on Municipal Employment and Budget summarizes the important aspects of the agreement between the Town of North Kingstown and the State of Rhode Island. Also, the methodology used to determine the number of future municipal employees needed in North Kingstown due to Quonset-Davisville growth will be outlined. Chapter III then goes on to explain the employment projections for each of the municipal functions. In addition, the municipal costs and revenues associated with three particular types of residential development mixes will be examined.



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