Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning

First Advisor

Howard Foster


The Greenway Master Plan is a guide for developing a multi-user trail in the town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This report provides a comprehensive approach to implementing a trail from Melville to The Glen, called The Watershed Trail. While it focuses on integrating important aspects of the natural and human environment for one segment of trail, the report could be used to direct the community in developing an island-wide system of various types of publicly accessible trails. The goal of developing the trail is multi-purposed. First, islanders have expressed a desire to develop off-road pathways that link their homes, shopping, employment and recreation destinations by bicycle or walking. Still others want more bridle paths and in-line skating trails. Secondly, islanders want to manage development by directing growth in appropriate areas and have considered greenway development to be a partial solution.

Several forms of data collection were used and analyzed to identify alternatives for trail development. First, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping was analyzed to identify the most appropriate corridor. Considerations were given to existing conservation lands, unconserved environmental resources, and important sites and destinations. Next, the entire trail corridor was walked and field notes were recorded of the existing conditions. Photography and orthophotography provided additional information about the resources on the landscape. Finally, a Greenway Master Plan map was produced using land use information from GIS and other graphics to illustrate the opportunities and constraints to trail development. After analyzing this information, alternatives were chosen and final conclusions were made.



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