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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE)


Chemical Engineering

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Otto Gregory


Temperature measurements are critical in gas turbine engine design but difficult to obtain due to the extreme environment. Temperature indicating paints (thermal paints) have been used for decades to map maximum temperature fields on superalloy components but have numerous weaknesses. Developed here are three novel glass-ceramic thermal paints that undergo viscous flow sintering to indicate temperatures up to 900°C, with high resolution (±5°C), by an optical transition. The paints adhere to Nickel-based superalloys due to their matching coefficients of thermal expansion and function for times above 60 hours. By utilizing automation and a UV:VIS spectrometer, quantitative temperature maps can be generated for easy comparison to theoretical models. A transient sintering energy model was developed that can recover full thermal history information; a feature no other thermal paint can provide.

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