Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

First Advisor

Navindra Seeram


Our laboratory initiated a comprehensive research program to investigate the phytochemical composition and biological effects of an ethyl acetate maple water extract (MWX), in comparison to other maple food extracts. Created by boiling and evaporating maple sap (Acer saccharum), maple syrup has become a popular alternative sweetener. The raw sap of the maple tree has been consumed by indigenous cultures for centuries, but recently, maple water products have gained the interest of consumers seeking plant derived functional beverages with added health benefits. Based on previous studies by our group, we hypothesize that maple water (and MWX) contains many of the same bioactive compounds as a widely studied phenolic-enriched maple syrup extract, MSX.

In Manuscript 1, we identified a series of phytochemicals present in both MWX and MSX, through LC-MS/MS methods and molecular networking. We also reported the total phenolic content of MWX, in comparison to MSX, and the physiochemical properties of a commercially available maple water product. In Manuscript 2, we explored potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory biological activities of MWX, and other maple food extracts, using in vitro models. In this study we reported that maple food extracts, particularly MSX and quebecol, exhibit promising antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities for potential cosmetic and supplement use.



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