Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmacy



First Advisor

Joan M. Lausier


The project was designed to organize and develop a computerized drug-drug interaction file. The methodology for the organization, storage and retrieval of drug-drug interaction information is discussed. In order to accomplish this objective several requirements were met. They are as follows: (1) Selection and evaluation of clinically significant drug-drug interactions from the scientific literature, (2) Creation of a computerized data bank for drug-drug interactions, and (3) Design and development of a computerized printout which reports the information in concise summaries. The file is designed to be compatible with existing computerized record keeping and drug information systems. In addition, the retrieval system has several unique characteristics. The reporting format is designed to provide practical drug-drug interaction information in a concise summary which can be easily understood and utilized by either a physician or pharmacist in a patient care environment. It will provide the clinical pharmacist with a invaluable reference to be utilized as a key to clinical involvement with the medical staff. The printout may be incorporated into a patient's cumulative medication profile or merely used as a reference source to screen for probable drug-drug interactions. Another unique feature of the system is that it reports important drug-drug interactions with each drug entity the patient is receiving. The system is not limited to the reporting of specific interactions which may occur with the patient's current therapeutic regimen. Several illustrations are presented using the file in conjunction with a computerized medication profile system. The applications of this system provide a rational approach towards determining the probability of drug-drug interactions resulting from the concurrent administration of drugs.



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