Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Arts in Psychology



First Advisor

Margaret Rogers


This meta-analysis of 13 samples examined outcomes of social competence promotion (SCP) with aggressive children (total N = 1,179). Aggression levels post-treatment were summarized with the standardized mean gain statistic. The results indicate that SCP produced small/moderate (Hedge's g = - 0.28) decreases in children's aggression. Teachers (g = - 0.32), however, perceived higher decreases in children ' s aggression post-treatment than parents (g = - 0.12). Standard multiple regressions revealed that 55% of variance in aggression levels are explained by the percentage of Whites in the sample as well as by the length of treatment (BetaR2 = 0.551). Age was not related to aggression levels, however. The percentage of Whites in samples made the strongest unique contribution to explaining aggression levels (Beta= -0.603, p < .05). The length children received training was not found to significantly contribute to the prediction of aggression levels. In conclusion, while both parents and teachers noted decreases in aggression post-treatment, teachers reported fewer aggression behaviors than did parents post-treatment. Also, as the percentage of White participants in the sample increased, the levels of aggression decreased after SCP training.



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