Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Philosophy



First Advisor

Fritz Wenisch


This thesis is concerned with the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel. Specifically, the emphasis will be on what Marcel takes to be the unique epistemological demands of metaphysical subject matters.

Metaphysics, once considered the "Queen of the Sciences" has for some time been challenged in its position as a legitimate and/or viable philosophical discipline. This attitude toward metaphysics has been expressed in the philosophical community as either active, direct attack or, more recently, passive neglect -- ‘ignore-ance’ -- which perhaps suggests that the dominant feeling among members, the philosophical community may be that metaphysics simply no longer warrants any attention at all. Although the current position of disrepute into which metaphysics has fallen may be explained in many and various ways, two major contributing fac ·tors may be noted here: (1) the stubborn resistence of traditional metaphysical questions to any complete and final answers; and (2) the impressive success in recent history of the scientific method in the improvement of the human condition.

It is certainly the case that metaphysics is a particularly puzzling and frustrating discipline. However, the rejection of metaphysics is not a thing to be taken lightly or without careful consideration of the repercussions and significance of the demise of that discipline which deals with the most fundamental, most significant, and most important questions human beings can ever pose: the very intelligibility of the universe; the nature of man, his ultimate origin and destiny; good and evil; God. It will not do to cut off access to such realms because of impatience of frustration with their magnitude and difficulty. Due to the importance of the subject matter of metaphysics, conscientious consideration of any and all alternatives to its demise must be undertaken. It is to this end that this thesis is presented.



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