Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Psychology



First Advisor

Gary Stoner


Different school-level factors contribute to understanding school dropout and school success (Christenson & Thurlow, 2004; Rumberger, 1995). Moving forward, schools and school-based professionals would likely benefit from improved approaches to assessing and understanding how school climate, student engagement and academic achievement relate to one another. However, while previous research has demonstrated associations between school climate, engagement and academic achievement, little is known about how these three elements of schooling interact with student/school demographic and context variables such as diversity, socioeconomic status, and urbanicity. Information collected from the study evaluates the extent to which student engagement varies within a statewide set of schools differing in levels of diversity, SES, Urbanicity and aspects of school climate. Findings from this research are expected to provide school personnel, students, teachers, parents, and the community with a better understanding the critical role that school climate plays in engagement and assessment. With the help of this study, policymakers can begin the process of collaborating with the state and student surveys to improve student achievement.



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