Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Stanley M. Barnett


The feasibility of using potato wastes as substrate for or single cell protein (SCP) and extracellular enzyme production by Pleurotus ostreatus was· studied in submerged culture.

Cell mass yield and enzyme production of P. ostreatus we re studied as a function of (1) substrate concentration, (2) source of nitrogen, (3) temperature, (4) pH and (5) the addition of sodium bisulfite on the medium. The fermentation process was carried out to batch cultures in 250 ml flasks . Protein content on a dry cell mass basis, alphaamylase activity and reducing sugar content in the broth were determined in all the growth steps of P. ostreatus.

Ammonium sulfate was found to be the better nitrogen source than either urea or ammonium nitrate for cell mass yield, protein content and alpha-amylase production.

Two additional batch experiments were carried out in a 5-liter fermenter as scale up of the optimum growth conditions determined in 250 ml flask culture. The results were close to those obtained in 250 ml flask.



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