Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

A. Ralph Thompson


Vapor-liquid equilibrium data for the system methanol-toluene saturated with sodium bromide were determined at 760 mm Hg in an improved Othmer equilibrium still. The importance of salt-effect and the role of salt as a third component are discussed.

Analytical data for methanol-toluene solutions saturated with sodium bromide at 25 °C. are reported in the form of a refractive index-composition curve. Compositions were expressed on a salt-free basis.

Experimental vapor-liquid equilibrium data for the system methanol-toluene saturated with sodium bromide are reported over the entire composition range. The data were obtained in an atmosphere of helium at 760 mm Hg total pressure. Relative volatilities and activity coefficients were calculated and reported from the experimental equilibrium data. The significance of the relative volatilities and the activity coefficients was discussed. This data obtained by Burke and co-workers (8) for the binary system methanol-toluene were compared with those obtained in this study.

The experimental data were tested by the method of Redlich and Kister (56) and found to be thermodynamically consistent. A summary of the work done in salt-effect in vapor-liquid equilibrium is presented and suggestions for future work are made.



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