Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)


Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Charles F. James Jr.


The problem involved in the thesis is t he design, development and implementation of a hospital central transportation system. The system as developed must meet the following requirements :

1 ) It must be centrally located and transport paper, products and patients within the hospital.

2) It must be able to meet the scheduling and routing requirements of the hospital departments.

3 ) It must be an improvement on the present system both economically and functionally.

The major disciplines followed for the solution to the problem are systems analysis an operations research. A computer program is developed which is capable of considering the various limitations of time, location and sequence of operation in developing the shortest and most effective transportation route. The patient handling needs are determined and me t through the use of such statistical techniques as distribution theory, F - tests and T - tests .

The results of the research is a new department created at the Memorial Hospital of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, capable of satisfying the transport demands of the hospital. The computer program is flexible enough to have wide application in any hospital or any industrial situation with similar circumstances .