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Master of Arts in English



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John Leo


"baby shoe tattoo: A FILM SCRIPT, is the result of inevitable struggles and conflicts between literary theory and production of what becomes known as literature. Postmodernity would have us believe that aesthetic production in our current historical moment centers around disruption and destruction of overarching systems of thought.

Postmoderns, in many respects believe themselves above exploitation of such metanarrative concepts as history and ideology. While works by writers such as Donald Barthelme, Ishmael Reed, Kathy Acker and filmmakers such as David Lynch, the Cohen brothers, and David Mamet illustrate the fragmentary and schizophrenic nature of the late-20th century individual, undeniable ideological and historic links exist between subject, form and presentation .

This study confronts the self-referential style indulged in by many late-20th century artists, and calls into question consequent critical incomprehensibilty as well as dealing with notions of writing/art as "craft". "baby shoe tattoo" attempts redistribution of thought and emotion into a reflective, rather than reflexive, construct. Utilizing film offers greater flexibility in crafting an image through planned and staged production, and this filmscript operates out of historic, cultural and critical modes of experience which shape and mould narrative content and form.

we are all bound by history, memory and time . ultimately, this study is nothing more than an attempt to interpret effects of time upon relationships, memory and perception.

In researching and writing this filmscript critical sources pertaining to film studies, theoretical texts authored by specific directors, and filmscripts were utilized. The final bibliography reflects this balance between critical sources and aesthetic constructs.



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