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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Due to the increasing gap between the performance of the processors and secondary storage systems, the design of the storage systems has become increasingly important. Arrays of interleaved disks are a popular method of increasing the performance of secondary storage systems. In order to optimize the performance and configuration of the disk arrays, performance evaluations are required. This paper presents a Colored Petri Net simulation model which can represent various configurations of systems containing multiple processors connected to a disk array system across a single stage interconnection network. This flexible model allows many system parameters to be varied such as number of processors, buses and disks in the array and the delay distributions associated with each. The performance estimates produced by this model are validated in this paper against those found in other models and found to be in good agreement. This paper shows that the CPN model presented here is flexible and accurate enough to allow the model to estimate the performance of many widely varying system configurations.



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