Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemistry



First Advisor

William Euler


Rhodamine 6G is spin-cast onto gold surfaces and the reflectance, emission, excitation, and SERS spectra are reported. Electron microscopy shows that the particle sizes of the gold are uniform for all preparations. Reflection spectra show that the Rh6G aggregates for thicker films and that the gold plasmon band shifts due to the refractive index change on the surface. The intensity of the SERS spectra increases with increasing surface coverage but the rate of change modulates between submonolayer and multilayer surface densities. The emission spectra behave unexpectedly as a function of Rh6G coverage. At submonolayer coverage the emission is relatively strong, decreases as the surface density increases to a monolayer, and then increases as the Rh6G thickness increases. Excitation spectra demonstrate that the emitting species at low surface density is monomeric but for thicker layers the excited state responsible for emission is Rh6G aggregates. For the thicker films, the Rh6G acts as its own dielectric layer for metal enhanced fluorescence of the aggregates.



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