Second Major

Global Business Management


Gamache-Griffiths, Donna

Advisor Department

Global Business




Trade; China; United States


China and the United States are unquestionably the two wealthiest economies in the world. These two countries alone account for almost half of the world’s wealth. As these nations battle to become the world's most powerful economy, it is no surprise high tensions have developed to complicate their relationship. China’s economy has been rapidly growing, especially in the last two decades as China is making its way towards the top of the list of strongest economies through its abundance of exports and manufacturing. Alternatively, as the U.S.’s economy has slowly decreased in the last few years, the gap between the economies of both nations has significantly decreased. The most apparent manifestation of this tension has played out in the form of a trade war, which results from increased tariffs enacted on each other to decrease their dependence on one another's products, which would be supporting each other’s economies. In addition, the opposing political and economic systems in each country has led to more significant tensions and tariffs. This paper analyzes how each country’s trade strategies and their relationship compared before the trade war and how the trade war slowly manifested. Because these two countries are such significant players in the global economy, the trade war has resulted in ripple effects worldwide. Through this project, I also analyzed how the effects of the trade war have affected other nations, and I began to explore if and how China and the United States could calm the trade war to protect the global economy.