Janette Baird

Advisor Department





GPA; executive function; bilingual; language fluency; intelligence



Bilingualism’s effect on GPA

Sponsor: Janette Baird (Psychology)

There has been a great deal of research to suggest that bilingualism can have an effect on executive functioning and therefore intelligence. The following project consists of a research proposal in the form of a paper and a meta-analysis in the form of a poster with the relevant findings from various sources.

The proposal includes an introduction, methods, results, and discussion section. The introduction will examine previous findings and why they are relevant to society. Next, it will explain what the research question and hypothesis will be. The research question is as follows: Does learning a second language have an effect on college GPA? This study predicts that knowledge of a second language will positively correlate with GPA. Various levels of language fluency and GPA within different majors will be accounted for. The methods sections will describe the steps that were done to create the survey, recruit participants, and analyze data. Next, the results section will interpret what the expected results would be based on the previous research. Lastly, the discussion section will analyze why looking at these variables are relevant along with the strengths and weaknesses of the study.

The poster will consist of previous research that has been conducted. The main findings will be highlighted in graphs and charts and will include a brief overview of the research proposal.