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Second Major



Kathleen McIntyre

Advisor Department

Women's Studies




Pandemic; COVID 19; Abstract art


The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted Americans across the nation and internationally. The pandemic has interrupted almost every aspect of life and displaced thousands of people. Employment, education, the global economy and leisure activity have all been turned upside down. This unexpected adjustment has the potential to take an extreme toll on the quality of life and mental health of Americans. This crisis has exposed the shortcomings of our society and has created a new space for psychological study, research, and conversation. My project focuses on the psychological challenges and consequences catalyzed or made more severe by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through daily multimedia journaling, I have documented my own experiences with the crisis and analyzed the culture shock I am facing. I have challenged myself to view this crisis through the intersectional lens of populations who are suffering disproportionately through this time. Essential workers at the lower end of the wealth spectrum are forced to continue working to survive while experiencing an increased exposure to the viral load of the general public. They must choose between jeopardizing either their health or their financial security, two essential aspects of human survival in the United States. As an advocate, this project has empowered me to create awareness about discrimination, xenophobia, and misinformation which are important topics that need to be addressed during a societal turning point of this magnitude.