Wills, Sheri [faculty advisor, Department of Art & Art History]




experimental; film; Lasser Voir


Lasser voir is a French term meaning to show; to allow to be seen. The film is meant to interpret the internal genesis from dual perspectives. Absolute Good and absolute Evil coexist fighting each other eternally. The challenge is to create a vision of the form of good and the form of evil, thus showing the interior and exterior struggle between the two. Good and Evil appear as the same individual: each opposing one another in ethereal battle through the channel of artistic interpretation. The concept originates from the writhing movement within the mind. It cannot live without Good, but cannot resist Evil. The challenge is to evoke the tension that feeble humanity feels when confronted with something beyond their control. The viewer decides how deep they would like to become involved&#; and depending on the individual&#; what to feel from it as well. It is meant to awaken, if for a moment, the dream that constantly keeps the mind asleep. Music intermingles with image to heighten the experience of this vision. Each change in the film is dialectically placed with sound to elaborate the imagery and increase visual impact. There are several pieces of music carefully selected and intimately welded together to create the tension and release of emotion throughout the film.

Lasser Voir (159730 kB)
Lasser Voir