CONTRIBUTOR: Higgins, Mark [faculty advisor, College of Business Administration] DATE: 2006 SUBJECT: Management science SUBJECT: Higher education FORMAT: Microsoft Word document, 277,504 bytes COVERAGE: 2002-2006 URI Senior Honors Project


business administration; international business; University of Rhode Island; college


International business is a growing field. Corporations worldwide are seeking individuals with language and cross-cultural experience to complement their business skills. It is the job of colleges and universities to prepare students to enter the workforce with as solid an education as those institutions are capable of giving. After holding various internships, an on campus job, and studying abroad, I have come to the conclusion that the University of Rhode Island can do a better job of preparing its international business students for the corporate world. This report critically analyzes the International Business Degree at URI based upon first-hand experience. Each required class is critiqued in terms of its usefulness in the real business world; its level of difficulty within the context of which the class was intended and taken (i.e. wrt101 will be assessed in the context of taking the course as a freshman, both the year for which the class was intended to be taken and the year I completed the class, not my current standing as a senior), the benefits to me as a business major, and recommendations for the improvement of each course, should they be necessary. Additional classes, such as those required by my other major of Economics, as well as electives, will be critiqued if I believe they were of any additional value to the international business degree. Skill sets that I believe are necessary, but were not taught in any class offered by URI will be incorporated into several courses which I have designed. In addition to the critical analysis, ideas for the integration of the Leadership minor offered by URI is also discussed.