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After over a year of work, the pilot episode of Linked is complete. This fifteen-minute pilot episode is nothing like any project I have previously made at The University of Rhode Island. The story is not only entertaining, it’s relevant in today’s society. The photos on my poster are both stills from scenes of the film itself, and behind the scenes photos. The behind the scenes photos give viewers a chance to see some aspects of filmmaking that would not ordinarily be seen.

A fifteen-minute short may not sound like a lot of work, but each phase of production, from pre-production to post-production requires countless hours of preparation and work. Casting professional actors, location scouting, filming for three full days, editing for weeks, and having an original musical score made takes a tremendous amount of work. Linked would not have been possible without my talented cast and crew.

I plan on submitting Linkedto festivals both locally and around the country. I also plan on submitting the script itself to television producers. My goal is to get as many people to watched Linkedas possible. However far Linkedgoes, I am extremely proud of how it turned out, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible and dedicated team with whom I worked.


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Tragedy strikes after a horrific car accident leaves two parents dead. Their two young boys, Austin Sinclair and Harvey Walpole were left to be fostered. Years later, these two brothers reunite, connected by another tragedy that unfolds. A DNA test reveals yet another family secret, and may solve a crime.

The average movie goer may not have an understanding of the amount of time, energy, and effort that it takes to create and complete a movie from the process to the premiere. Behind the scenes, filmmaking can take months, and in some cases years before the filming even begins. Over the past year, from script writing, to casting, to location scouting, to filming and finally, editing, I have created a fifteen-minute television pilot titled Linked. This film is not only the longest film I will have directed here at the University of Rhode Island, it has also been the most complex. I have put together a crew of talented film students who have been helping me throughout the process. I have also cast professional actors, who are essential to bringing my story to life. The genesis of the story was inspired by a conversation I was having with my parents about the rapid increase in technology and government presence in society. The story of Linkedis not far from what could be, or what already is. Months after I wrote Linked, a local article was published about a man who was confirmed to have committed a murder using DNA testing. This testing lead investigators to this discovery, six years after the murder was committed. Linkedis not only entertaining, but it is also an example of art imitating life.

Available for download on Thursday, January 27, 2050