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children's book; DIY; nail art; writing; photography; art


Nail art has led me to be more creative in my life and helped me find my passions of film, photography, and art. I started sharing my nail art through an online blog, but wanted to formalize my interest through a book and possibly a publication in the future. By making this book, I wanted children who read it to learn a new skill and find inspiration in each technique. Nail art has allowed me to express myself and discover my creativity, so I hope this book will allow a younger audience to do the same. I wanted to share my enthusiasm for these visual mediums of nail art, photography, and book design with young readers. The process of writing an instructional nail art book for children involves photography, writing, and compilation. There are many decisions that went into the final product. These choices included which designs to use, how to take each photo, how to break down the steps so that they are easy to follow, how to display each page, and deciding which elements to include and keep consistent. It was important to know my audience and understand the goal of the book; to teach readers how to execute each creative design.

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Letter From the Author