Barbara Pagh

Advisor Department

Art & Art History




Culture; Art; Color; Red; Blue; Green; Purple

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Creative Commons License
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Cultures assign different meanings to colors due to religious influence and social beliefs. These associations have remained over time and are intertwined into our daily lives. Color associations have even found their way into global marketing campaigns in order to evoke specific reactions from consumers to a brand.

The research aspect of this project unveils the boundaries between cultures through the effect color has on humans. Associations with these pigments differ across cultures around the world and this has led to contrasting meanings of color with different words, symbols, and emotions. This results in different Western, Indian, South African, Chinese, African, Middle Eastern and Latin American meanings, as well as with religions affiliations such as Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

Art is a process that has the ability to bring people together as well as create a unique experience for a viewer. The goal of this project is to merge the meanings of color across cultures through visual art in order to create an all encompassing experience for people from any culture.

By distorting typography in monochromatic layers, new meanings emerge that the audience is able to interact with.The resulting series of digital prints creates new meanings for the colors red, blue, purple and green. The symmetrical and bold compositions will expand the meaning of these hues and broaden the audience’s understanding of the impact of color.