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Earle, Erin, W.

Advisor Department




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Creative Commons License
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Technology has progressed more in the past decade than it has in the past century, and it has changed the way we live. To succeed in this society, innovation is a necessity. A recent phenomenon in technology is the use of mobile applications designed to make our lives and daily activities, such as note-taking and scheduling, more convenient.

This project explores the use of mobile applications in a business. At URI, the Tour Guide team acts as a business that manages over 100 employees as they lead visits around campus for prospective students.

These employees are college-age students raised in a generation defined by its growing technology, thus amplifying the need for innovation. In this project, I analyzed the team needs and its assessment of the current scheduling process used to cover required visitor tours using Rogers Adoption/Innovation Curve.

In addition to evaluating the current coverage process used and the team’s reactions to it, I also researched the development of mobile apps to fully comprehend technology behind these innovations. Through this project information was shared with the Tour Guide program about the needs of its employees and the boundless benefits of technology.