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Yvette Harps-Logan

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Textile, Fashion Merchandising and Design




apparel; sustainability; active wear, triple bottom line strategy

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The apparel industry has had a compounded annual growth rate of 2.5% over the past ten years. Much of that is due to the tremendous demand from consumers for active and athleisure apparel. Demand for more casual apparel has resulted from various cultural shifts, like more casual dress codes in the workplace. There is a lot of competition between businesses in this industry. In the globalized apparel industry, a brand’s supply chain is a major influencer of its success. What if a brand could keep up with competitors while also addressing growing consumer demands for ethically sound product? Meet Aurora Athletics: A sustainable active wear brand. Using the five tools of our triple bottom line strategy, Aurora Athletics offers stylish active and sports wear without compromising traditional apparel production natural resources or the living standards of workers around the world.

Growing demands from consumers pose more and more challenges for brands to remain competitive in saturated industries. In the active wear industry, there are many players, ranging from global powerhouses, like Nike, to small businesses experiencing tremendous growth, such as Gymshark. In order for a company like Aurora Athletics to have success in this saturated market, it has to offer consumers a product or experience that isn’t already being offered. Aurora Athletics is a stylish, quality active wear brand that is fair trade certified and aims to reduce its carbon footprint in comparison to other apparel companies.

Using effective marketing through social media, Aurora Athletics will share components their triple bottom line strategy with the world. In today’s market place, social media is a crucial tool for brands to reach and learn about their consumers. The goal of this business plan is to come up with creative ways to implement socially responsible practices into an apparel brand.