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Mitchell, David, M.

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Marketing Model; Business Model; Entrepreneurship

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“Small Business Transformation: Making Entrepreneurial Ventures Profitable.”

The marketing model is an analytical tool that can transform an archetypal business into a prosperous one. It is through identifying opportunities within a business through segmentation, targeting and positioning that one can distinguish what market they are in, who they are targeting and where they want to position themselves within that industry. Once those elements are determined, the marketing mix, which includes product, price, place and promotion, can be analyzed and fulfilled.

This study evaluates and rebuilds an at-home fitness business, for a mother of three, examining the confluence of the business model and small business management. Her business is plateauing due to her abridgment of time, resources, and knowledge of how to thrive as a certified fitness instructor.

In today’s society, there is a plethora of information, procurable to everyone but utilized and applied by few. Reconstructing this business to achieve small business opulence from its original state, my plan is one that pays particular attention to employing the marketing model and implementing a business plan.


Marketing model, Business model, Entrepreneurship