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Emergency Preparedness at Newport Hospital

Emily A. Ganjei

Sponsors: Carolyn Hames and Lisa Lima-Tessier, Nursing

The subject of my project is emergency nursing and emergency preparedness in the Emergency Department (ED) of Newport Hospital. I am working alongside Lisa Lima-Tessier, Clinical Nurse Manager of the ED, and Pat Grimes, Assistant Clinical Nurse Manager/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

As an undergraduate in the College of Nursing, the topic of emergency preparedness has been discussed in many courses, in particular community health nursing. In community nursing we discussed different types of disaster situations and reviewed hospital policies regarding triage and the nurse’s role in emergency situations. Each year I complete Care Learning videos that focus on disaster preparedness and unique hospital policies in Rhode Island. Specifically, I have completed orientation training twice at Newport Hospital, where my project takes place. Policy revision is an aspect of nursing that I have always been interested in because it reflects an agency’s growth and adaptation.

The objective of this project is to assess, investigate, evaluate, and develop emergency preparedness competencies for Newport Hospital that comply with the Joint Commission’s accreditation and hospital policies for emergency department employees. In particular, I am working to develop competency presentations and organize the incident command center role binders/policies. The ultimate goal of the ED is the eventual development of a second incident command center.

Keywords: Emergency preparedness, employee competencies, active shooter drills, incident command center