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Graduating and seeking employment in this current economy can be a daunting challenge. However, when armed with the right tools, securing full-time employment is possible. In order to set oneself apart, it is essential to have a broader skill-set than that of other candidates.

As a Finance major here at the College of Business, I became interested in developing a set of “how to” tutorials for using advanced features of Microsoft Excel in order to better prepare students who will be entering the job market. Through a series of professional internships, I have picked up some crucial skills and have learned how tremendously important these skills can be in the professional business world. Since this proficiency was expected from day one in my internships, I understand that my graduating peers will have similar expectations placed upon them.

To answer this need, I have created four videos which are to be hosted on the College of Business’s website. This project provides learning opportunities that otherwise would not be available. My aim is to have a set of clear-cut, easy to understand, effective tutorials for using a powerful and essential software tool available to my peers.

I have received a quality education from the College of Business Administration, but this is the one piece to the puzzle in becoming a successful business professional that I hope to enhance. I will get a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing that other students going through the same curriculum I did will be able to set themselves apart from other candidates because of tools provided as a result of my honors project.

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