Carroll, Leo [faculty advisor, Department of Sociology]




rehabilitation; corrections; sociology; criminology; assessment tool; Rhode Island


Rehabilitating criminals has become a highly debated topic throughout the U.S. With the majority of criminals being repeat offenders, the correctional institution has made rehabilitation a top priority. Research over the last twenty five years has shown that some programs are more effective than others. After reviewing the body of research, I developed a modification of a widely used assessment instrument, the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory, to make it more suitable for use in Rhode Island. I used this modification together with the State of Michigan’s Program Assessment Tool to assess the degree of which four of the over 100 programs offered to offenders at Rhode Island’s Adult Correctional Institute have the characteristics known to be associated with effective treatment. The ones tested were the substance abuse, the domestic violence and the sex offender treatment programs. Assessments involved reviewing the curricula, observing classes, and interviewing staff and program participants.

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