Cho, Bongsup [faculty advisor, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences]




prozac; animation; education; pharmacy; drugs


• The joy of my college experience has been freely pursuing knowledge. Through studying philosophy's broad ciriculum, my education has given me the critical thinking skills necessary to make relevant contributions to seemingly unrelated fields. Studying philosophy equips me to anticipate points of ambiguity, imagine efficacious analogies for communicating clearly, and accept constructive feedback (as philosophers are always analyzing weaknesses in the name of progress). To indicate the applicability of a philosophy education to hard science, I have intentionally made my senior honors project as multivalent as possible. I am a philosophy major who produces 3D animations of drug interactions for pharmacy students. • Through the URI Pharmacy Animation Program and Instructional Technology and Media Services, I have worked with Dr. Bongsup Cho to detail the complex biological mechanisms of neuron communication at the cellular and molecular levels. My animation, like the other 15 produced through the the Pharmacy Animation Program, will be freely available on the web via the Pharmacy Animation Website [ pharmacy/animation] and []. As of April 2009 these 15 videos have received over 300,000 hits, thus proving their teaching power both in the classroom and internationally. • What further makes this animation project unique for me is its pedagogical study. On February 4, I presented my preliminary animation to Dr. Cho's BPS322 “The Central Nervous System's Core” class. After this initial viewing, I obtained and assessed feedback from Dr. Cho's pharmacy students and incorporated their feedback into my revised video. By incorporating student feedback and external pedagogical sources, I can produce a more effective teaching tool.