CONTRIBUTOR: Johnson, Galen [faculty advisor, Department of Philosophy] DATE: 2006 SUBJECT: Philosophy FORMAT: Microsoft Word document, 199,680 bytes 2006 URI Senior Honors Project


Human nature; Self; Place


Asking “Who am I?” seems to be something that everybody ponders. This concept of “I”—what is it? We all have an individual and unique “I”—something that has been with each of us since birth, something that has changed and grown, but also stayed the same in many ways. My question “What is The Self?” is imperative. What is it that experiences life, if not The Self? When a 99-year-old man watches his last sunset, reflecting on his life, what inside of him is doing that reflecting? As you read my ideas on this page, what inside of you is processing them, agreeing with them, challenging them? It is The Self. Your Self. And do you not wonder what, exactly, that is? The first part of my paper involves a review of the theories of human nature put forth by Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The second part is a phenomenological account of the connection between Self and Place. I also created a visual account of my own Self; this, unfortunately, cannot be portrayed through the final paper.