CONTRIBUTOR: Ferszt, Ginette G. [faculty advisor, Department of Nursing] DATE: 2006 SUBJECT: Criminal justice SUBJECT: Health care FORMAT: Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, 818,176 bytes 2006 URI Senior Honors Project


Forensics; forensic nursing; death; sexual assult nurse examiner


Forensic Nursing is a fairly new exciting nursing specialty. Television shows such as CSI portray forensic nurses and investigators in a less than realistic manner. Forensic nursing and investigation are exciting fields to specialize in, but the role of the forensic nurse and investigator are often misunderstood. For my project I wrote a research paper on forensic nursing, joined the international association of Forensic nurses, attended the international conference in washington dc and set in on a few meetings with a board, including lawyers, represenatives from the rape crisis center, clinical managers from W&I ED, nurses, NP’s, etc. in discussing how to incorporate the nursing role as the sexual assault nurse examiner or (sane) , which was recently just recognized in ri.