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Volume XXV, Number 2 (January 2018)

Note: Includes four supplementary graphics. The author writes, "I have also attached a few JPG files that I posted to my Twitter account illustrating the labor market revisions... I have also attached a chart from a prior Twitter post that shows why we had a 'good' GDP number for Q3 of 2017 -- makeup for two highly negative quarters in 2016. From reading my monthly CCI reports, you should also be quite familiar with the true reasons underlying our 'low' unemployment rate. So, view the recent #9 overall ranking for RI as an instance where the adding of apples and oranges went horribly wrong!!"

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Resid_Empl_Rebench_2018.jpg (72 kB)
RI Resident Employment

Labor_Force_Rebench_2018.jpg (94 kB)
RI Labor Force

Payroll_Rebench_2018.jpg (94 kB)
RI Payroll Employment

GDP-GROWTH-2017Q3.jpg (44 kB)
Quarterly Growth Rates of Real GDP

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