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Between October 1987 and August 1990, two arrays of inverted echo sounders were deployed in the Gulf Stream northeast of Cape Hatteras as part of the SYNoptic Ocean Prediction Experiment. The "Inlet Array" consisted of 9 inverted echo sounders (IES). Centered at 74oW, the Inlet Array was designed to measure key parameters that describe the Gulf Stream path variability near Cape Hatteras. The large "Central Array" of 24 IESs was centered on the current near 68oW, about 400 km downstream of the Inlet Array. Spanning nearly 300 km in both the cross-stream and downstream directions, the Central Array was designed to monitor the thermocline structure of the Gulf Stream in the region of large meanders and frequent ring interactions.

Using objective analysis, we have mapped the Gulf Stream thermal field measured by the IESs in the Inlet Array. In this report, the objective analysis technique is described and the mapping parameters are documented. Daily maps of the thermocline depth field are presented for the period 14 October 1987 through 31 August 1990.