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This study investigates the nonlinear dynamics of a pair of exchange-coupled spins with biaxial exchange and single-site anisotropy. It represents a Hamiltonian system with 2 degrees of freedom for which we have already established the (nontrivial) integrability criteria and constructed the integrals of the motion provided they exist. Here we present a comparative study of the phase-space trajectories for two specific models with the same symmetry properties, one of which (the XY model with exchange anisotropy) is integrable, and the other (the XY model with single-site anisotropy) nonintegrable. In the integrable model, the integrals of the motion (analytic invariants) can be reconstructed numerically by means of time averages of dynamical variables over all trajectories. In the nonintegrable model, such time averages over trajectories define nonanalytic invariants, where the nonanalyticities are associated with the presence of chaotic trajectories. A prominent feature in the nonintegrable model is the occurrence of very long time scales caused by the presence of low- ux cantori, which form "sticky" coats on the boundary between chaotic regions and regular islands or "leaky" walls between di erent chaotic regions. These cantori dominate the convergence properties of time averages and presumably determine the long-time asymptotic properties of dynamic correlation functions. Finally, we present a special class of integrable systems containing arbitrarily many spins coupled by general biaxial exchange anisotropy.