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An analytical/experimental approach is presented to reconstruct the space–time pressure field in a plane and forward project the resultant space–time pressure field using tomographic and wave vector time-domain methods. Transient pressure signals from an underwater ultrasonic planar transducer are first measured using a line fiber-optic pressure sensor which is scanned across a plane at a fixed distance z0 from the transducer. The resulting spatial line integrals in the plane are time-dependent signals which are first used to reconstruct the space–time pressure field in the plane via simply implemented tomographic methods. These signals are then used to forward project the space–time pressure field to arbitrary planes employing a wave vector time-domain method. Verification of the method is first presented using synthetic signals and the impulse response approach. An experimental verification of the approach is then presented using an ultrasonic planar transducer. The results of the projected and experimental fields are compared at various distances for synthetic signals and experimental data. Good correlation is found between the calculated, projected, and experimental data.


G. T. Clement, R. Liu, and S. V. Letcher are from the Department of Physics.

P. R. Stepanishen is from the Department of Ocean Engineering.