Evaluation of immunization training in the curriculum of first- and third-year pharmacy students

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Objective: To assess student pharmacists' perspectives on the curricular timing of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Pharmacy-Based Immunization Program and their confidence in providing immunization services. Methods: First (P1) and third (P3) professional year students were required to complete the APhA Immunization Certification. An Institutional Review Board-approved, anonymous, voluntary online survey was sent to all participants (N = 454) to assess the curricular timing and students' confidence in providing immunization services. Results: Overall, there were no statistical differences between the P1 and P3 classes in terms of confidence in their knowledge of vaccine-related diseases or in the actual administration. Most P1 students (mean = 4.17) thought it was an appropriate skill to be placed in the P1 year, as did the majority of P3 students (mean = 3.75), although this difference was statistically significant (P = 0.001). Conclusions: Immunization training was well received by all students, with the majority finding it appropriate to complete immunization training in the P1 year. Early placement of immunization training in the curriculum should provide students more opportunities to administer vaccinations during IPPE and places of employment as state law permits.

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning