Clozapine-associated elevation in serum triglycerides

Bruce D. Gaulin, Worcester Stt. Hosp. Univ. M.
John S. Markowitz
Charles F. Caley
Lori A. Nesbitt
Robert L. Dufresne, University of Rhode Island


Objective: This study was conducted to determine serum lipid level changes in patients who received clozapine or haloperidol. Method: Medical records of 222 inpatients treated with clozapine or haloperidol were reviewed. Age, weight, gender, daily antipsychotic dose, total cholesterol level, serum triglyceride level, and concurrent medications were recorded. Results: Clozapine-treated men had significantly higher follow-up serum triglyceride concentrations over baseline than did haloperidol-treated men. Female patients experienced serum triglyceride level elevations regardless of antipsychotic treatment. Changes in total cholesterol levels were not significantly different between treatment groups. Conclusions: An increase in serum triglyceride levels occurred in clozapine-treated patients; screening for serum triglyceride elevations may be warranted before treatment with clozapine.