Public service announcements (PSA) to facilitate dietary supplement education

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To implement and assess a revised public service announcement (PSA) project facilitating dietary supplement education (DS) in a required self-care course. Methods: In 2012, students completed a PSA project as part of a team-based learning activity. In 2013, both PSA audience and topics were revised to be more specific and applicable to current trends. A new rubric that standardized the grading was used. Each student was responsible for an individual project consisting of a one-page summary on DS marketing examples, monographs, disease-specific counseling, or audience-specific counseling points. Students completed an anonymous Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved survey assessing the format, individual project, and use of pharmacy resources. Results: Of 123 surveys, 74 were completed. Of the students who responded, 86.5% agreed that the PSA activity enhanced their understanding of DS and 85.2% agreed that group members contributed equally to the project. Three quarters agreed that the PSA project was a worthwhile experience. Only 44.6% of students agreed that the individual assignment helped them create a better PSA. Over 90% of students agreed that they used multiple resources on their individual project, with over two-thirds reporting that they learned to better use pharmacy resources. Approximately half of those surveyed agreed the individual project was a worthwhile experience. Watching PSAs in class helped students learn better about DS and made them feel more engaged in class. Conclusions: Most students agreed that the overall PSA project enhanced their understanding of dietary supplements. Revision of the project timeline will likely improve student involvement and preparedness for the PSA.

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning