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Background: With the advent of combined antiretroviral therapy (cART), growing evidence has shown human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may no longer be an absolute contraindication for solid organ transplantation. This study compares outcomes of heart transplantations between HIV‐positive and HIV‐negative recipients using SRTR transplant registry data.

Methods: Patient survival, overall graft survival and death‐censored graft survival were compared between HIV‐positive and HIV‐negative recipients. Multivariate Cox regression and Cox regression with a disease risk score (DRS) methodology were used to estimate the adjusted hazard ratios among heart transplant recipients (HTRs).

Results: In total, 35 HTRs with HIV+ status were identified. No significant differences were found in patient survival (88% vs 77%; P = 0.1493), overall graft survival (85% vs 76%; P = 0.2758), and death‐censored graft survival (91% vs 91%; P = 0.9871) between HIV‐positive and HIV‐negative HTRs in 5‐year follow‐up. No significant differences were found after adjusting for confounders.

Conclusions: This study supports the use of heart transplant procedures in selected HIV‐positive patients. This study suggests that HIV‐positive status is not a contraindication for life‐saving heart transplant as there were no differences in graft, patient survival.