Chemical Composition, Nutritive Value, and Toxicological Evaluation of Two Species of Sweet Lupine (Lupinus albus and Lupinus luteus)

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Two species of sweet Lupine, Lupinus albus and Lupinus luteus, were analyzed. Both species were good sources of protein (34 and 39%). Lipid content measured as ether extract was 10.9%for L. albus and 4.7% for L. luteus. Both legumes had high crude fiber contents of more than 10%and low alkaloid contents (0.05 and 0.09%). The protein efficiency ratio was low in both species (0.48 and 0.99), but supplementation with DL-methionine increased base values significantly (p < 0.01), 2.84 and 2.30, respectively. In a toxicity study with rats that consumed a 20% lupine protein diet (supplemented with 0.3% DL-methionine), the growth rate of animals fed L. luteus and L. albus was similar to that produced by an unsupplemented 20% protein casein diet. The weight of liver, kidneys, heart, spleen, and adrenals and the histology of kidneys and lungs were normal. © 1980, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry