Effect of browning on chemical properties of egg albumin

Munehiko Tanaka, University of Rhode Island
Tung Ching Lee, University of Rhode Island
C. O. Chichester, University of Rhode Island


Egg albumin was stored at 37°C, under 68 % relative humidity in the presence of excess glucose for 40 days to study the effect of browning on chemical properties of the protein. Binding of glucose to egg albumin occurred mostly in the early stage of browning whereas brown color started developing after 10 days. Amino acid analyses showed large lose in lysine, arginine, serine, histidine and tryptophan. Dye binding methods demonstrated some relationships to the nutritional value of browned egg albumin, however they were not accurate enough to follow the change in the nutritional value of egg albumin during storage. Relatively close correlation between the amount of glucose bound and the loss of nutritional value was observed. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.